To replace our planned exhibition in Shaftesbury Arts Centre we have designed a virtual exhibition for you


A Tale of Two Halves

I am delighted that my work has been accepted as part of the RWA Annual Open Exhibition.

Title A Tale of Two Halves
Artist Zara McQueen
Medium paper, ink, watercolour, twigs, wire, charcoal, dried hydrangea petals
Dimensions in cm Height: 55 x width: 75
Price £2000

I am a self taught working artist. Drawing and painting is part of who I am. It is how I respond to my world. I am driven by mood and intuition. I always begin outside- in that sense I am a landscape painter. Seasonal changes catch my attention and I can rarely resist the changing colours and textures of the natural year. I sketch and paint in charcoal, watercolour or oil and then return to my studio where I make larger mixed media pieces guided by memory and feeling. Work gets cut down, torn up, collaged and reformed. Fragments of self portraits and other work lay hidden in fields, branches or buildings.

I was born in East London in 1962 and moved to Shaftesbury in North Dorset in 1995 where I currently live and work.

Please have a look around my site and contact me if you would like to discuss availability or anything else.


Zara McQueen

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