imageJust over a year ago I  was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy followed by a course of chemo therapy.  It’s been tough, it still is. Being an artist has helped me to get through some of the bad days, On chemo days My husband took me and my sketchbook to the hospital.

There were times when I felt as though I was drowning in medical stuff: Letters. Pills. Blue rubber gloves. leaflets…image

There has been no end to my creativity. I was compelled to take photographs of me, myself and everything-all of the time. Super selfie woman!

imageDorset is a beautiful place and through chemo sketching outside on summer days brought peace and tranquility.  From those have come some larger paintings which feels good.

Currently I am painting a commission of a garden.  I have no idea what will come next. After such a creative surge I am more than a little lost.








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